Zachaeld Tower

Zachaeld Tower

Location Galefridus
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I
The New Order: Act I

Zachaeld Tower is a mysterious tower of jade that is some 3000 feet in height. There are no doors at ground level, and the lowest windows are 500 feet up. Additionally, it sits on top of a sharp precipice, that would be a challenge for a skilled climber to scale.


  • It is a four sided tower of square design with no sign of being worn or damaged.
  • Each floor is fifteen feet high. The windows stretch floor to ceiling - they are more like large openings in the wall. The windows and the walls alternate - 5 ft window between 5ft of wall. Windows are aligned vertically at each level.
  • Everything inside the tower is jade, but without scratches or any damage - everything is smooth jade. No dirt, no debris. The tower stretches several hundred feet above the clouds, but clouds do not enter inside, stopping right at the windows.
  • There are 125 floors in total within the tower.
  • The ceiling of the tower is pyramidal, and blank, with no script on it.
  • The tower is 150 feet by 150 feet, with a 15 foot ledge running around the walls and a central square pillar (30x30). The tower is nearly symmetrical, the only non-symmetric feature being the supernal script that is inscribed all over the walls.
  • Each character of the golden script is a foot in height. The characters are embossed in gold and catch the faint light and glow.
  • On top of the pillar, there is a statue of four vaguely humanoid figures facing each other, hands outstretched and holding an emerald globe.
  • The globe is gently held by the four figures, with very few points of contact.
  • Four 5-foot wide bridges link to this statue.
  • The script inscribed within the tower is Supernal and is a record of the past, present, and future.

Exploring the Tower

  • The magic inside the tower is so strong that Keri fainted when she tried to sense the magic within the tower.
  • Removing the globe triggered a magical trap - there was a strong explosion, followed by a sucking force that pulled Skamos and Borys, who were outside and several levels down, back into the top of the tower.

The New Order

In 1007 GD, Row experienced a vision in which Malvanos claimed that he deciphered the script inscribed within Zachaeld Tower and "knows all there is to know".