Location Galefridus
Destroyed 955 GD
Population 116
Inhabitants Guy Cartwright
Everelda Cartwright
Joel Cartwright (child)
Love Cartwright (child)
Rose Baker
Joel Mason
Conan Thompson
Donald of Brushmoor
Points of Interest The Innocent Bench
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

Woodbury is a small village within the Kingdom of Galefridus. During the Gavric War of Restitution the entire village was destroyed, and the populace slaughtered.


Woodbury is found on the west shore of Lake Aede, southeast of the Thornwood and south Brushmoor and north of the Dragonspine Mountains within the Kingdom of Galefridus.

Town Details

The village once appeared deserted and condemned with windows boarded up. Following the elimination of the howlers the town returned to normalcy. The village's main trade is fishing, and there is a dock and several fishing posts.


The population of Woodbury is 116, with 97 adults and 19 children.


The village was plagued by the 'Howlers', and had been for at least several generations. The inhabitants had adapted to life with the constant visitations by these creatures, and their way of life was affected to the point of reciting a daily prayer of thanks and belief that the prayer keeps the sun rising.

The prayer is as follows:

We treasure the trees, for the fruit that they bear;
We treasure the sea, for the fish we ensnare;
We treasure the sun, for the daylight it shares;
We treasure the day, for the night is theirs.