Wood Sisters

Tilla, Emony and Damisona were the three wood sisters. Female galefrides in their 20s, they lived in Brushmoor. They have two brothers serving a 50-year prison sentence.
Tilla worked as a blacksmith's apprentice, Damisona was a barkeep and so was Emony. Damisona took her own life after her husband, Gervase Hill left her. This caused incredible heartache for the remaining sisters.
Tilla was also a werewolf, and had been able to keep herself in control until the death of Damisona. After murdering multiple inhabitants of Brushmoor, the Disciples of Dreth'dor tracked her down and captured her. The brought her to the Solarium along with her sister Emony, and released her into the 'care' of the Order of Solis.

Damisona Wood

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Age: Deceased, was in her early 20's at the time of death, 954 GD.

She was a rude and overdressed woman, with blue eyes and straight, light brown hair. She was tall and had a slim waist, with a tendency to clack her fingernails against the counter when she became impatient.

Emony Wood

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Age: 20's as of 955 GD

A friendly, polite woman with iron colored eyes, she is slightly tanned. She has luxurious, straight, neck-length hair that is such a pale shade of blonde it is nearly the color of alabaster. She is quite tall, with a slender build.

Tilla Wood

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Age: Mid-20s as of 955 GD

A serious woman in with sky-blue eyes, light-brown hair and fair skin, Tilla bears a resemblance to the other two Wood sisters, Emony and Damisona. She wears a white glove on her left hand.