White Kingdom of Gavriel

The White Kingdom of Gavriel is a dwindling power, the smallest of the human kingdoms. Once the most powerful and expansive human nation, the Gavric people now think back to their days of splendor and hope, in vain, to see the kingdom return to its former glory.


The White Kingdom of Gavriel is a collection of four realms: The White Kingdom of Gavriel, The Black Barony of Hisarnis, The Bronze Barony of Pagos and The Fierce Barony of Kain.

Neighbouring Realms

Gavriel is the capitol realm, with the Fierce Barony of Kain to the east.

Notable Areas


Major Towns and Cities

Physical Characteristics

The Gavric people (Gaves) tend to have dark, curly hair and dark eyes. In addition to these common traits throughout the kingdom, The Pagic people (Pages) tend to be olive-skinned; the Kainic people (Kains) tend to be fair-skinned; the Hisarnic people (Hisarns) tend to be tall, with large bone structures.





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