The Warlock of Al'Najjar
  • Given by: The Mistress, Nimothi Shala
  • Given at: Deep underneath the Solarium
  • Priority: mandatory
  • Information given: The goal of the mission is to teleport to Al'Najjar, capture the Infernal Pact Warlock Hassan Ahmad alive, and bring him back to the Order of Solis using the teleportation portal.
  • Other information: Damascus was appointed leader of this mission. The acolytes were chosen from a pool of 5000 candidates.
  • Quest Location: Al'Najjar, Farraj

Information acquried on Location:

  • Investigation has determined that the city is dominated by the merchant guild.
  • The city is ruled by the sultan Musa Badr, for whom the target is one of the advisers.
  • There are two inns in the city, both of which are overpriced compared to inns in Galefridus, and both of which appear to host daily parties.
  • Hassan Ahmad works at Pi'asi'asu a su Wsi'auhs Kuhrph. This name might be translated into something like "Domain of the Wraith Lord".
  • Hassan has indeed been consorting with Devils and holds valuable information.

Quest events

  • Upon teleporting to Al'Najjar, the agents found that the teleportation square had fallen several feet, and a crack ran through the ritual circle. The building around them began to collapse, but they were able to protect the circle and keep it undamaged, so that it could possibly reused later to return to Lionburh.
  • Over the course of a three-day investigation, the acolytes discover that Hassan lives in a large house in the southwest quadrant of the city, is an adviser to the sultan, and other inhabitants of his residence include a woman and a young girl. Hassan is easily identified by the cape that he wears, and the staff that he carries. He leaves early in the morning to head to the palace, and returns in the evenings.
  • The acolytes befriend Hassan, then attempt to capture him by knocking him and his family out with magical reagents mixed into wine. It succeeds and they tie him up, but Hassan escapes by turning into a red mist.
  • The acolytes eventually sneak into the palace to confront Hassan, where they discover that he has been possessed by a devil. After a long fight in which Hassan is nearly slain, the devil gives up on defeating the acolytes and attempts to kill his host by ingesting bittermorn root and mixing the root with dragon's blood.
  • Notably, trafficking in bittermorn root, its use as a poison, and as an explosive reagent have been encountered by the acolytes prior to their excursion, suggesting that there is some connection between those incidents and the devils.
  • The acolytes successfully capture Hassan Ahmad and bring him back to the Order.