War Never Changes
  • Given by: The Mistress, Nimothi Shala
  • Given at: Deep underneath the Solarium
  • Priority: mandatory
  • Information given: The goal of the mission is to travel to the Dragonspine Mountains, passing through the Gavriel-occupied Brushmoor, and harvest the scarlet thistle, a rare flower with a short flowering period, and return with the samples to the Solarium. The party should meet up with the hermit Benedict at the foot of the mountains, as only he has the experience to guide them through the treacherous passes.
  • Other information: As the only party member who can harvest the flower, Lyvin is made party leader.
  • Quest Location: The Dragonspine Mountains

Information acquired from other resources:

  • None so far

Information acquried on Location:

  • The Dragonspine Mountains appears to be home to Dire Wolves
  • A set of cairns mark a safe path for travel through the passes up the mountains

Quest events

  • The party comes up with a plan to use forged documentation (Matronian citizenship papers for Damascus and Thovinion and a writ in the name of Septimius Triphosium) to ease their passage through Brushmoor. Though the documents may have aided in gaining them entry, the acolytes find themselves questioned by Romulus the Butcher, who carefully logs the interviews. Despite unfortunate insults and poor bluffing on the part of the party, they are allowed to continue onwards, though the Butcher informs them that his men will investigate their story, and promises to find us if it does turn out that we have lied.
  • The party continues past Brushmoor towards the Dragonspine Mountains, and as they near the base of the mountains, they spot a small hut by the side of the road. The owner of the hut appears to be a deranged old hermit named 'Ned', who delays the party for a day and a half running errands for him and taking care of him.
  • Ned, it seems, is the elusive Benedict, and due to Damascus' kind treatment of him after it is revealed that Ned lied to the Acolytes, he chooses to guide Damascus (and the others by extension) to the base of the mountains and points out the cairns that mark the safe passes. Additionally, he gives Damascus his poorly carved necklace, telling him only that it will protect him.
  • The party stumbles across some Dire Wolves trying to eat a wild boy who was caught in a tree snare. The Acolytes defeat the wolves, killing three of the five, and free the boy who proceeds to snarl at them and run away.
  • In order to avoid a detour around a collapsed pass, the party passes through a cave system and discover that it has been dug out by Bulettes. They end up fighting a young bulette, and then its mother, before finally escaping with their lives.