Vespyr von Drugoth

Vespyr von Drugoth





One of Das Vampyr




Vespyr von Drugoth is one of Das Vampyr, and is their progenitor.

Physical Appearance


The Genesis of das Vampyr

Vespyr von Drugoth was once in love with a young Matronian noblewoman who was a count's daughter. The count found out about their love and had Drugoth assassinated. So strong was his love that Drugoth made his way through the nine hells of Baator until he reached the realm of Mephistopheles, in the eighth. He made a pact with the Devil-lord, to gain eternal life. His wish was granted, but it was a cursed gift, turning him into the first of progenitor vampire of das Vampyr. He could hold his love again, but could not feel her warmth or smell her scent. Das Vampyr are those victims that Drugoth drank from and didn't kill, and the victims of the victims. Further generations had 'diluted' vampire blood.

Vespyr von Drugoth was killed many times by Heradric Dreth'dor, but due to his pact with Mephistopheles, he returned each time without the vulnerability that killed him. Heradric Dreth'dor decided that the only way to defeat his foe once and for all was to make a pact himself with Mephistopheles to prevent von Drugoth from returning.


  • He was Heradric Dreth'dor's greatest foe
  • He was supposedly killed by Heradric Dreth'dor several times