First encounter: Melocal's run-in with the drow vampire Priestess Shridra
Physical Description: Vampires are difficult to differentiate from regular people when their canine teeth are not protruding. Some claim vampires have paler skin and a more feral appearance than regular folk.

Strengths (advantages):

  • They resist damage dealt by mundane weapons; a magical weapon is needed to bypass this resistance.

Weaknesses (disadvantages):

  • Strongly allergic to sunlight.
  • Weak to garlic. An application of garlic will negate their resistance vs. mundane weapons

Additional Information:

  • The term "vampire" has come to refer to a number of related species of creatures. The three main species are the Vampires (the typical species to crop up in Galefridus and the subject of this entry), Das Vampyr, and Den Nosferatu.