Tilla Wood

Tilla Wood

Race Galefride
Sex Female
Age Mid-20's
Languages spoken Common
Occupation Apprentice blacksmith
Temporary barkeep at Mar's Inn
Location The Solarium, Lionburh
Relations Sister of Damisona Wood
Sister of Emony Wood
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

Tilla is one of the Wood sisters. She is a werewolf, and had been able to keep herself in control until the death of Damisona. After murdering multiple inhabitants of Brushmoor, the Disciples of Dreth'dor tracked her down and captured her. They brought her to the Solarium along with her sister Emony, and released her into the care of the Order.

Physical Appearance

A serious woman with sky-blue eyes, light-brown hair and fair skin, Tilla bears a resemblance to the other two Wood sisters, Emony and Damisona. She wears a white glove on her left hand.


  • Tilla temporarily worked the as a barkeep at Mar's Inn after Damisona's death.
  • An unfortunate misunderstanding regarding the death of her sister, Damisona, resulted in Tilla physically assaulting Cal.