Thovinion Drenaemil Anessus







Approximately 30

Magister of the Department of Arcana of the Order of Solis

Thovinion is a Sorcerer Magister of the Department of Arcana in the Order of Solis. He is part of the special task force known as the Acolytes of Solis.

Physical Appearance

Thovinion stands slightly shorter than the average human, or half-elf, at only 5'4". His skin is dark, with the golden-brown shade typical of many Farraji. His hair is black and straight, reaching down below his ears, but not quite shoulder-length. His ears are slightly pointed, as is typical of half-elves, and his startling dark violet eyes are evidence of the elvish blood. He wears a short goatee, finely trimmed and kept immaculate. The expression seen most frequently on his face is a slight grin or sneer. His teeth are perfectly straight and are so white they almost shine. His body is not frail, but neither is it built, however he prefers to keep most of it concealed under his flashy robes. Other than his brilliant purple eyes, the most distinguishing feature of Thovinion is the jagged cut in each of his ears, one merely a centimetre down from the top in his right ear, while the left ear is cut nearly half-way through. This ear has small golden rings passing through both sides, almost holding that damaged ear together.


Master Redbad
Septimius of the Tryphosian Dynasty

Perceived Characteristics

Note: This section is to add notes and details on the PC Thovinion as others perceive him.

  • Blows things up
  • Haughty
  • Does not laugh in the face of danger
  • FOR SCIENCE! Probably likes dissection.
  • Pretty heartless.