The Shipyard

The Shipyard

Location Farraj
Appearances The New Order: Act I

The Shipyard is an inn owned by the Scoundrels of Baltazar, located in Farraj. It was given to them by Baltazar himself so that they may have a place of refuge and so that Baltazar may easily contact them. The Shipyard has a rivalry with another inn, named The Lion's Maw. The Scoundrels have also purchased the bottom floor of an adjacent building and converted it into a restaurant. The Shipyard is in ruins after the city was attacked by the Den Nosferatu. After a discussion the Scoundrels of Baltazar have decided to leave Farraj and set up their headquarters in a new town also renaming their organization to The Aurum Order. Babu, Hala, Rayhana, Zyria and Chat have perished during the attack.


  • Main floor (tavern) that serves food and drink
    Knocked down a wall and created a doorway to connect to the restaurant in the adjacent building
  • Ground-floor extension that houses the brewery
  • Second floor that has rooms for rent
    One room is currently off-limits and is being re-purposed as an alchemy lab
  • Third floor that is off-limits to patrons, private rooms for the Scoundrels
  • The onion dome at the top of the building has been converted to a scriptorium
  • Basement storage cellar
  • Adjacent pier for ships to dock or load/unload cargo
    A ship is available for use by The Scoundrels


The various people employed by The Scoundrels to run The Shipyard or who also call The Shipyard their base of operations.


Name Position
Imre Tamas Alchemist
Jamila Tamas Warlock


Name Position
Hope Archaeologist
Leocadia The Crafty Archaeologist
Aharon Machir Assistant archeologist
Yosef Machir assistant archeologist


Name Position
Agnes Strongarm Blacksmith


Name Position
Ianaewyn of Lionburh Cartographer


Name Position Status
Babu Hihastakhachapokhemaun Bartender, server Deceased
Furin Nobeard Brewer
Godric of Ramshaven Cook
Hala Juml Gardener Deceased
Rayhana Juml Server Deceased
Zyria Drelua Ruathas Minstrel Deceased


Name Position Location Status
Silef Westman Mercenary Somewhere in the savage lands Deceased
Salim Ja'far Mercenary Alzeiza Deceased


Name Position Status
Bashtu Kisa Scribe
Chat Alp Assistant scribe Deceased


Name Position Location
Safya Spy-master Dynamic
Abundantia di Contegiana Spy Alzeiza, Matrona
Tialamlia Nae’Claselashk Spy Myvanna


Name Position
Richard Galefridus the Third Gopher, self-proclaimed inventor
Lucas Walters Inventor


The Scoundrels have been steadily improving The Shipyard, allowing it to become more profitable as well as providing them resources.
Category Level Positions
Alchemy 2
Archaeology 4
Cartography 1
Economy 4 Brewery, cook, entertainer, gardener
Mercenaries 1
Scripting 2
Smithy 1
Spy network 2
Tinkerer 1