The Shipyard

The Shipyard is an inn owned by The Scoundrels of Baltazar, located in Farraj. It was given to them by Baltazar himself so that they may have a place of refuge and so that Baltazar may easily contact them. The Shipyard has a rivalry with another inn, named The Lion's Maw.


  • Main floor (tavern) that serves food and drink
  • Ground-floor extension that houses the brewery
  • Second floor that has rooms for rent
    Two rooms are currently off-limits and are being re-purposed for the following use:
    - Alchemy lab
    - Scriptorium
  • Third floor that is off-limits to patrons, private rooms for the Scoundrels
  • Basement storage cellar
  • Adjacent pier for ships to dock or load/unload cargo
    - A ship is available for use by The Scoundrels


The various people employed by The Scoundrels to run The Shipyard or who also call The Shipyard their base of operations.

  • Babu Hihastakhachapokhemaun (bartender and server)
  • Abundantia di Contegiana (spy, Matrona)
  • Bashtu Kisa (scribe)
  • Furin Nobeard (brewer)
  • Hope (archaeologist)
  • Imre Tamas (alchemist)
  • Richard Galefridus the Third (gopher, self-proclaimed inventor)
  • Safya (spy-master)
  • Tialamlia Nae’Claselashk (spy, Myvanna)


The Scoundrels have been steadily improving The Shipyard, allowing it to become more profitable as well as providing them resources.

  • Alchemy, level 1
  • Archaeology, level 1
  • Economy, level 1
    - Brewery
  • Scripting, level 1
  • Spy network, level 2