The Rainman
  • Given by: Lucas Walters
  • Given at: Shrine of Bibel, Brushmoor
  • Priority: High, mandatory
  • Information given: The Rainman would appear within Brushmoor, likely at the most populated location, which would be the Mar's Inn. His arrival was predicted by the Oracles of the Order.
  • Other information: Zhiro was elected to be the leader of this mission

Quest information obtained on site (non-action based):

  • The Rainman took the guise of a human, and recounted a chilling tale of a tavern devastated by the Rainman. Despite the claims of many that they did not believe in the creature, his tale was able to stir fear, uncertainty, and doubt into most of the people within the tavern.

Information obtained on site (through action):

  • The Rainman, when confronted, transformed into a swarm of locusts.

Quest Resolution:

  • The party engaged the Rainman, but were unable to defeat it in combat. While in combat with the monster, a fire started by a spilled lantern was left unchecked and eventually spread throughout the tavern. During the fight, Cal headed upstairs to rescue a sick man, while Zhiro and Skamos held off the Rainman while the occupants fled out of the tavern through a window in the kitchen. Finally, the Rainman was left trapped inside the burning building when the three finally retreated out of the tavern. No remains of the Rainman were found in the ashes, though three burnt skeletons were found afterwards. There were two casualties in the battle - Baldwin, who had been helping Skamos dismantle the barricade, and a barmaid whom the Rainman had possessed during the battle.