The Night Is Theirs
  • Quest Location: Woodbury
  • Additional information on Location: Located three days journey South of Brushmoor. Next to Lake Aede. See mountains far off to the West of the village and a tower (Iryar's Fall).

Quest information obtained on site:

  • For years, this little village has been troubled by the presence of an unknown evil called "Howlers". These creatures haunt the village by night-time, emitting horrible wind-like sounds and shaking the walls of houses. It is revealed that they are attracted to any form of light and the villagers barricade all doors and windows to prevent any light source to escape the building at night-time and prevent entrance of these creatures. It is also revealed that at the first encounters with these creatures, several villagers were forcibly taken and were never heard from again. Since then, the barricades have held and the villagers have lived a productive life during the day, but are forced to endure the haunting sounds at night.
  • Joel Mason revealed that Sergeant Iryar was the commander of a small detachment of soldiers at the watchtower that overlooked Lake Aede. Their orders were to hold the cliff and give off an early signal fire in the event that enemy soldiers were seen approaching.

Information obtained on site (through action):

  • The Howlers are coming from the East. Four creatures were lured to a large fire placed North-East of the village. They were swiftly defeated.

Major points to summarize the quest:

  • Investigated Iryar's Tower. Nothing of interest was found there, except for a cell containing the skeleton of a Cainic soldier. Zhiro performed a burial by fire for the body.
  • Corryl spotted a body in the lake below the cliff. Skamos climbed down and recovered bodies from the lake, including that of Rose Baker. Eventually, with the help of Zhiro, eight bodies were recovered, including a bag containing a severed head that obviously belonged to Iryar.
  • The bodies were taken away from the tower and buried together (though Iryar got a grave of his own)
  • After burying the bodies, the howlers still returned at night, but just before they would have attacked the party (or so it appeared), they regained their human guises and shot up into the sky.