The Horde Unleashed
  • Given by: Lucas Walters
  • Given at: Shrine of Bibel, Brushmoor
  • Priority: From three options given, the party chose to undertake this quest.
  • Information given: The lair of some arachnoid monsters was uncovered by the miners of Bofgyth, in their mine within Shattercone Caldera. After several miners were killed, an attempt was made to block the tunnel with a large boulder, but that night, the boulder was displaced and a massacre occurred in the town. Afterward, the dwarves stayed away from the mine, and there were no more attacks… until recently. The attacks have started up again.
  • Despite the attacks, few are attempting to leave the town. It is said that deserters are attacked and killed by the monsters.
  • Other information: Cal was elected to be the leader of this mission

People met on site:

Quest information obtained on site (non-action based):

  • Exploration of the Caldera revealed the location of the mine. Upon exploring the mine, the party discovered a cavern flooded with water coming from a leak in the ceiling. Unable to further explore the cavern due to the flooding, the disciples make their way out of the cavern, but Skamos inadvertently causes a rockfall.
  • The original events occurred decades ago, but the recent attacks started 8 months ago with an attack on a Dwarven family that was strongly involved in politics, and wanted to adopt the Galefridish system of hierarchy and rulership.
  • The second attack was on a human family that had recently moved to Bofgyth.
  • The third attack was on a boarding house. There were some travelers there who had been asking about the monsters.
  • The last attack was on the Shrine of Thandir.
  • The party was able to leave the town and return without suffering any attacks by the monsters. After returning to the town, the party was attacked during the night. Interestingly, this occurred after they informed Nymil about their little trip.
  • Eventually, the party finds evidence that Nymil had been in the mines, and after chasing her down and questioning her, discover that she was responsible for the deaths (under the orders of the Matriarch). By walking in the mud, she leaves a trail for the creatures to follow back to town. Once she arrives at the doorsteps of a household, she teleports away.

Information obtained on site (through action):

  • The party encountered the monsters at the inn, and successfully drove them off. See the monster entry for more details.
  • After cornering Nymil, they head towards the temple and find the Matriach, Sybill, and around a dozen guards waiting while the Matriarch performs a ceremony. The ceremony kills the Matriarch, draining enough of her blood to kill her, but Corryl manages to shatter the focus used before the summoning of 'Lolth's Child' was complete. Meanwhile, the party kills Sybill and many of her guards, as well as knocking out several. One guard commits suicide when the ceremony fails.

Quest Resolution:

  • A letter is found near the body of the Matriarch. It reveals that the Matriarch had been in communication with a priestess (presumably of Lolth) and that the ceremony was meant to summon Lolth's Child.
  • The evidence given to the dwarves in the form of the letter and the eventual confessions of the dwarven guards clear the party of any wrongdoing. Nymil will be given a proper trial - it seems she has lost memory of everything that has occurred, and she may be innocent in the matter. The party is invited to return next year for a celebration in their honor, to be celebrated yearly. Additionally, they are given gifts:
    • To Zhiro, an invitation to join the Nalkthic of Morgrak
    • To Cal: A dagger that Nymil was carrying, clearly of Eladrin design, and which glows in the moonlight.
    • To Skamos: The respect of the town, and a promise to treat tieflings better.