The Garden of Vengeance

The Garden of Vengeance

  • Quest Location: Dreth'dor Manor

Information Provided

Some months ago, an attacker harmed residents of Dreth'dor Manor; it was quickly determined that this was the Bellrich Butcher, a shapeshifter, having sought out the Disciples to seek vengeance. As there was no sign that she still lingered, all that was done was to ensure that all at the manor were aware of the threat that she represented, and that a system of passwords was established for recognition. The Disciples then left for their various missions.

Now, however, the Butcher has returned, and claimed lives. Amongst them, Meduil; and the rest of the manor has now fallen into a state of grief and fear.


Eliminate the threat represented by the Bellrich Butcher

Quest Resolution

The Disciples learned of the threat posed by the Butcher from Walt, and then encountered the remaining survivors of the Manor. Suspecting that one of them might be the shapeshifter in disguise, they proceeded to interrogate them to determine their proper identities. Zyharafel flees the Manor following the interrogation, and then Alan is discovered outside, having survived an attack from the enemy. While running around chasing the phantom, Cal spots a cloaked figure with white hair, and delivers a killing shot with his crossbow. Alas, it is not the Butcher, but poor Walt, who was disguised by the villain! The Disciples are able to follow tracks left by the monster, and the end result is a long chase followed by the Disciples finally cornering her. However, the shapeshifter is able to escape with the use of a smoke bomb, and the heroes soon find themselves having to deal with multiple fires that have been started throughout the manor. This tactic effectively separated the Disciples, allowing the Butcher to take down Cal before the others finally engaged her. In the ensuing battle, all of the Disciples are badly wounded by the Butcher's devilish attacks; while Borys and Eri are able to rally despite their wounds, Skamos succumbs to them. However, in the end, Borys is able to deliver the finishing blow, and the threat of the Bellrich Butcher is finally laid to rest.