The Beast Of Barural's Delve

First Encounter: Barural's Delve Mines

Physical Description:

  • The presence possesses people, has no known corporeal element.
  • Encounters with the last possessed creature indicate the victim has been kept alive for extended periods with no sustenance, resulting in a ghoulish appearance.
  • Victims have also been known to self mutilate.

Additional Information:

  • The Beast is is only capable of possessing living, conscious people.
  • It cannot travel through solid objects such as walls or containers.
  • It is attracted to conflict and attempts to cause it, and death, wherever possible.
  • The presence pays no heed to the well-being of its victims, until there is only one left, at which point it seeks out more.
  • The Beast was originally contained within an object referenced as The Iron Warden.