Sir Thorald

Sir Thorald







Deceased in his late 30s

Paladin of Pelor, in service of the Department of Defence of the Order of Solis

Lieutenant Thorald Knight, Paladin of Pelor; Sir Thorald was a highly decorated combat veteran who has, time and again, risked life and limb for those under his command. His heroic actions in the Gavric War of Restitution saved the lives of dozens of soldiers, and he was recently retired from the War Wing after injuries sustained on the battlefield. He died while aiding the Acolytes of Solis in their mission to retrieve the Crown of Harohaziel from the Mausoleum of Akmenos in the Necropolis of Bael Turath.

Physical Appearance

He was a male Galefride in his late thirties. He wore an eyepatch and had a scar across his face. He was also missing his left hand. For combat purposes, he had a prosthetic to help him use his halberd. He had brown hair with some grey streaks. Rather than the messy mop-top, his hair was parted on one side like the upper class and quite a bit longer than is usual in galefridus, with the part on the side of his good eye and some of the hair coming down by his eyepatch. He stood about 5'10" with a wide-shouldered build. His beard is reminiscent of a reverse goatee; hair everywhere but the mustache and chin.


  • He was from Galefridus.
  • His wife died giving birth to the twins.
  • His daughter had to raise the twins alone and may have killed herself as a result. Sir Thorald blamed himself for her death.
  • His twin sons survive him, and Senior Operative Nimothi Shala has assured the Acolytes of Solis that they will be taken care of in Sir Thorald's honour.
  • He was loved his family, though spent very little time with them, as he had devoted his life to his career and his beliefs.
  • He died while still fighting off the evil influence of the Necropolis. He chose to die as a hero, thus sparing his allies the burden of fighting and killing him.
  • The evil presences in the Mausoleum of Akmenos masqueraded as the ghosts of Sir Thorald's family members.
  • Operative Nimothi Shala, who may have been demoted over the issue, convinced Sir Adgar to commision a plaque in Sir Thorald's honour.