Location Matrona
Appearances The New Order: Act I

Located a few days travel from Alzeiza, Sillitta is a village that was nearly completely destroyed after a chance visit by the Scoundrels of Baltazar.

Notable Events

Village Fire

After leaving Alzeiza the morning after the Black Night, the Scoundrels of Baltazar stopped by Silletta to rest, as they were having numerous nightmares while making camp on the road. Believing that sleeping in an actual bed would allow them to recuperate, the party rented rooms as soon as they arrived in town during midday and took the opportunity to rest while some members decided to stay up doing various activities.

Shortly afterwards, for reasons unknown the rest of the party, Kest began a bar brawl which sent the patrons and employees of the inn running in terror. The villagers ran towards the outskirts of town where Wranbalar was sitting in a tree practicing music to encourage the party during battles; this unintentionally caused the villages to rally and decide to return to stand up for themselves.

They returned and formed a mob with other villagers intent on surrounding the inn where the Scoundrels were staying and lighting it aflame. However, Kest exited the inn and declared to the mob that the inn belonged to the party now and breathed lightning over the mob's heads; this completely broke their morale and they once again fled for their lives terrified. Unfortunately, in doing so, they dropped the torches and combustibles they brought to burn the inn and the town caught fire.

The Scoundrels quickly gathered their belonging and woke their sleeping party members before once again setting off on their travels, still weary. As they set out on the road, half the town was in flames. It is unknown whether the town survived or if any villagers returned to rebuild.