Shrine of Bibel

Shrine of Babel

Location Brushmoor, Galefridus
Inhabitants Lucas Walters (Crinis, missing)
Wimund Madison (Missing)
Older female (both shifts)
Younger female #1 (morning shift)
Younger female #2 (afternoon shift)
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I


The shrine is a round, limestone structure with a domical roof, covered with copper shingles, which makes it glow like a miniature sun. A life-sized statue of a woman stands in front of the shrine on a small granite pedestal, with head uplifted and arms outstretched, reaching up to the sun. A copper plaque on the pedestal reads, "Bibel the Giver, Illustro of Pelor".

The shrine's front doors are oak, located beneath a rounded pediment upheld by limestone columns.

Inside the shrine, which is basically a single circular room 40 feet in diameter, a series of depressions act as steps and benches, leading to a cylindrical dais at the center, which stands about 7 feet high and serves as the Prayer Chamber. The floors are made of polished stone. A 5-foot circular window lies directly above the dais, which lets through the sunlight. Light also pours in from the numerous windows that line the walls at regular intervals, keeping the shrine lit entirely by sunlight. The ceiling lies 30 feet above ground level.

The prayer chamber itself has a distorted glass window for a ceiling. There is a rounded, simple wooden bench and a worn rug on the floor.

Within the shrine itself, yellow tapestries with white embroidery cover the walls, containing images of both Pelor and Bibel.

When visited, the shrine contained three people: one male who was in charge of the Prayer Chamber, and two females.