Race Drow Vampire
Sex Female
Occupation Priestess of Lloth
Location Galefridus
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

A renegade, Priestess Shridra remains separate from the other vampires and doesn't follow their rules. A priestess of Lolth, Demon Queen of Spiders, Shridra has spread her influence throughout the Kingdoms, and possibly even further. Her property is often demarked by a symbol of a ring within a triangle.

The Order of Solis' best interpretation of the symbol is that the ring represents the eclipsed sun, and that the triangle is a symbol of power. Together, they represent the power to eclipse the sun.

As a child, Shridra became an outsider among her own people for her unwillingness to torture a small animal. Shridra eventually fled the underdark in an attempt to find a better life. When she reached the surface world and tried to integrate into the Kingdoms, she discovered her lot in life was not going to change, due to the general population's biased views of Drow as evil. Despite everything, she managed to find love and happiness. Unfortunately she was bitten and turned into a vampire, following which her one true love turned away from her. Embittered and alone, Shridra quickly became what was expected of her species. She became filled with hate for the entire world, surfacers and drow alike. That was when the Order of Solis took her in, telling her whatever she wanted to her, manipulating her into being their pawn. They provided her with tremendous resources and told her to seek the destruction of the world. Over time she built up her underground city and spread her influence, ultimately she was responsible for hundreds and thousands of deaths across the Kingdoms, and no small amount of pain and destruction.


Shridra's symbol has been found on the cart and ring of Sahl Kahsib, who was responsible for the deaths of the majority of the population of Al'Abzari. Her symbol also appeared on caravans in Kain, as part of the expedition to Barural's Delve.
She stabbed out Eri's eyes.

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