Shemayah Aharon

Shemayah Aharon

Race Farraji
Sex Male
Age Late teens, deceased
Occupation Mystic
Location Al'Abzari
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

A mage equipped with a staff, he hinted at his dark past, claiming to have been a "bad man" and used his magic for "bad reasons". He seemed to be working to attempt to redeem himself.

He foretold the Disciples that someone would betray them while they were investigating the town of Al'Abzari. Indeed, in the middle of a critical battle, all the group's sunrods were found to be missing and Harun exploded in an accident while trying to help by lobbing his explosive jars.

He was killed in battle by male "white devil" while muttering an incantation with an unknown effect.

After explosion in the palace, Skamos found Shemayah's staff head standing in the rubble and took possession of the item.

Physical Description

  • Lineage unknown, different accent to others
  • Blue eyes
  • Tall
  • Graceful build
  • Olive skin tone