Sessilia The Kindhearted

Sessilia the Kindhearted was once the Matriarch of the Orphanage near the town of Lyndrich, within Kain. She was beloved by the people, and well known for he soft, gentle manner and wisdom she dispensed to the populace. She ran the orphanage during the time Borys and Zhiroslav were growing up there. Her desire to help the children under her care was so great that she began to sell off certain children as slaves to various people, most notably Shridra and her minions. Sessilia used this money to help support the other orphans, but was forced to deal with unsavoury people to do so. Borys, jealous of his friend Zhiroslav's popularity and charm, worked for her as an adolescent thug, making sure to quell any notion of speaking out or informing the authorities. While Zhiroslav left to become a paladin, Borys and Dedenia, their other friend, were left behind to witness increasing depravity within the orphanage. The two escaped, and Borys vowed to return and expose the evil of the so-called kindhearted Sessilia. Unfortunately his attempts were always passed off as some kind of mad grudge. Evidence was at long last found and brought to light, thanks to the efforts of spies within the Department of Intelligence who were sent by Baltazar at Borys' request. When the guards of Lyndrich investigated, one of the over-zealous guards stabbed and killed Sessilia before she could be brought to trail. Her death was seen as a tragedy, and a statue was erected in her honour. The killer was sentenced to death for murder.