Scale of the Phalanx

Borys owns a set of enchanted scale armour called the Scale of The Phalanx. It was given to him as a reward by the Kainic Captains of Battle when they were ambushed during training exercises and he killed a monstrous creature that threatened them. He did not possess the proper qualities to be admitted into the captains of battle, but was celebrated as a warrior hero nonetheless.

The armour was previously just +2 magic scale armour, but after participating in the quest to capture Shridra and succeeding, they Order of Solis took his armour before he departed for Farraj, and said they would enchant it further into +3 Curseforged scale armour.

Curseforged armour has a daily power that is an immediate reaction. The wearer can use it when an enemy hits them with an attack. That enemy takes a -3 penalty to attack rolls (save ends). When the enemy saves against the penalty, they take a -1 penalty to attack rolls (save ends).

See page 227 in the PHB1.