Sarcphagus Mummy

First encounter: Al'Najjar
Physical Description: A large sarcophagus, bolted shut. When activated, the ghosts of those within emerge, appearing to be translucent ghosts. The skin, muscle, and bones are all see-through, allowing a viewer to perceive much of the undead being's innards from when it was still alive.

Special properties

  • The ghost/image is impervious to damage, yet is fully capable of attacking and dealing damage.
  • Attacks dealt by the image leave no physical marks, but instead inflict necromantic damage.
  • Extensive damage to the sarcophagus manifests in a flickering/wavering of the image.

Combative properties

  • Able to perform the same attack as living Farraji guards that knocks the opponent prone, despite being incorporeal.
  • Being non-physical, are not hindered by terrain and can walk over water.

Strengths (advantages):

  • The image cannot be damaged or affected by physical or non-physical (e.g. psychic) attacks.
  • They are able to mark their opponents, reducing their ability to attack the sarcophagus that houses their physical bodies.

Weaknesses (disadvantages):

  • The destruction of the sarcophagus results in their destruction.