Rose Baker

Rose baker

Race Human
Sex Female
Age 60's
Mortal state Deceased
Languages spoken Common
Occupation Baker
Location Woodbury
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

A friendly baker, she freely offered food to the Disciples of Dreth'dor when they arrived to investigate the threat of the Howlers. Expressed the belief that their prayer keeps the sun rising. She was the only other villager besides her brother, Joel Mason, who knew of the secret of the founding of Woodbury.

Upon seeing the party defeat the Howlers, promptly wandered out into the night and was abducted by Howlers. The Disciples later found her body in the waters of Lake Aede.

Physical Description

  • Droopy emerald eyes
  • Thick, wavy, iron-grey hair that is medium-length
  • Short
  • Pale skin
  • Stooped back