Romulus The Butcher

Romulus the Butcher





Human - Gavric



Brigadier and Interrogator in the Gavric Army

Brigadier Romulus, known by his men as "the butcher" for butchering so called Galefridish swine, is the man charged with rooting out spies of the enemy for the Gavric army.

Physical Appearance

A titanic man with a white fur cloak, winged helm and massive pauldrons. He is so built he seems almost twice as wide as a normal man, and must crouch down to go through doorways.


  • His more or less unique way of thinking allows him to catch Galefridish spies. He believes wholeheartedly that the Galefridish are greedy pigs for their role in unnecessarily conquering the few fertile Gavric farmlands during the Galefridish Conquest.
  • He interrogated the Acolytes of Solis when they passed through Brushmoor on their mission War Never Changes and promised them severe punishment if their story turned out to be false.
  • He carried with him a tome containing transcripts of his interrogations, which he writes himself.