Rabbit Fish Stew

Rabbit and Fish Stew, first introduced into modern Galefridish cuisine by the culinary pioneer Ned is a form of sustenance and nutrition.


Ned, living on the shore of Lake Aede and with a rabbit warren in the hills south of his home had ample access to sharkfin trout and rabbit. From his garden he grew potatoes and carrots, among other things, and one day Ned decided to just 'put it all together.' To his delight, the food was remarkbly delicious and non-toxic. From there he christened it, with exemplary imagination " Rabbit-Fish Stew."


  • 2 Medium Sharkfin Trout
  • 4 Small Rabbits
  • 6 Medium carrots
  • 6 Medium Potatoe
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Special Sauce


Unfortunately Ned never passed on his precise instructions on cooking the food, so culinary scholars across the realm have had to guess and experiment about the idea methods of preparation.


Various members of the civilized races, as well as dogs, cats and even birds have reacted positively, if a little surprised, to the consumption of the food. No known side-effects have been reported.