Pacify The Gaves

The "Pacify the Gaves" initiative is an unofficial name for the grand scheme cooked up by the High Council of the Order of Solis and/or Nimothi Shala. It is the means by which the Gavric War of Restitution will be ended.

As the war dragged on and more lives were lost, both nations involved became increasingly crippled by the stalemate that tied up men and resources. Knowing that the Gavric forces would fight with increasing desperation and cause further loss of life, the Order of Solis realized they needed a definitive way to end the war. Their plan was an ambitious one - they would communicate with celestial beings of pure good and make their plight known. If they could open a portal from the celestial realm into the mortal plane, an army of the celestials would flock in and with their powers peacefully force the Gavric army to stop fighting.

In order to achieve their goal, they required Hassan Ahmad to act as a conduit through which they could communicate with the celestials, the Crown of Harohaziel to make the communication possible, and among other things, the Scarlet Thistle as a key reagent with which to perform the ritual to open the portal. Lastly, they required Nes'Eth'ruvanna, a large crystal fragment of an ancient Eladrin empire. The Acolytes of Solis were chosen from the ranks of the order to perform these tasks, being kept in the dark about their importance and only being sent once the necessary preparations had been made.