Order of Solis

The Order of Solis is a Galefridus-based secret organization that supposedly fights for the betterment of civilization. It is headquartered in Lionburh.


  • Overcoming the Dark Age and reigning in the Age of Light.

Organization Structure

The Order of Solis is split into four departments: the Department of Defence, headed by Sir Adgar, the Department of Healing, headed by Guenbrith of Brancroft, Department of Intelligence, headed by Baltazar and Department of Arcana, headed by Malvanos. These four heads form the High Council, and Sir Adgar is the head of the council and thus the leader of the Order. Council members vote on all matters.

There are six wings which are a joint collaboration between various departments.

Known Bureaus

The Order has agents throughout much of the Kingdoms and many of its operations are fronted by temples and shrines to Pelor.

Members & Associates

The Order of Solis comprises approximately 5 500 members.
Almost every wizard in Galefridus is employed by the order.


PC Employees

Other Members

Known Associates

Former Members

"Former" Members are frequently members that have gone missing or died under suspicious circumstances.

Morally Questionable Practices

While the Order of Solis pretty much controls the throne, and by extension the law, much of its activity may be seen as unsavoury or ethically questionable.

The Shridra Project

After The Disciples of Dreth'dor successfully captured Shridra and brought her to the Order for interrogation, Skamos doggedly questioned Avilina and Baltazar for information. This is what he learned:
As a child, Shridra became an outsider among her own people for her unwillingness to torture a small animal. Shridra eventually fled the underdark in an attempt to find a better life. When she reached the surface world and tried to integrate into the Kingdoms, she discovered her lot in life was not going to change, due to the general population's biased views of Drow as evil. Despite everything, she managed to find love and happiness. Unfortunately she was bitten and turned into a vampire, following which her one true love turned away from her. Embittered and alone, Shridra quickly became what was expected of her species. She became filled with hate for the entire world, surfacers and drow alike. That was when the Order of Solis took her in, telling her whatever she wanted to her, manipulating her into being their pawn. They provided her with tremendous resources and told her to seek the destruction of the world. Over time she built up her underground city and spread her influence, ultimately she was responsible for hundreds and thousands of deaths across the Kingdoms, and no small amount of pain and destruction. The Order then planned on sending a collection of heroes, the Disciples of Dreth'dor, to defeat her. Their exploits were exaggerated and told to the masses to raise faith in the heroes, and keep the populace hopeful.

Considering that the Disciples ran into plenty of evil that was not related to Shridra, some people believe that the world already had enough trouble to deal with, and that creating more trouble for the sake of dispersing it was unnecessary. Avilina in particular is unable to forgive herself for agreeing to manipulate Shridra, while people like Skamos, Eri and Cal might be horrified to realize that the terror of their pasts, all orchestrated by Shridra, was in fact supported by the people they now work for.

Missing People

The secrecy which shrouds the abrupt disappearance or supposed deaths of various members of the Order is highly suspicious. Some people believe that the Order ruthlessly eliminates anyone asking too many questions, and that other members may be 'removed' if they stubbornly block plans.

  • Alzarthuras, the previous head of the department of Arcana, died under suspicious circumstances. He died abruptly without any sign of previous illness, and despite his old age he was in good health. The official report marked the cause of death as "Natural Causes" and no further investigation was done. Everything had been settled in record time, the very same day he died. The Department of Healing was not consulted to attempt a revival or investigate the body, and the burial was quick with few people even seeing the body.
  • Lucas Walters believed there was a cancer within the Order, he disappeared while looking for evidence at the Solarium one night. The Disciples discovered that his official record had been amended with the statement that he was deceased, written by Malvanos' hand.
  • All traces of Rum had been erased since her disappearance; there was no paper trail left behind, yet the Disciples and Walters were informed that Rum had returned to family in Dofngarth. This is one of the mysteries Walters had tried to investigate.

General Information

  • The Order only employs two sorcerers - Malvanos and Thovinion
  • The Order of Solis is the clandestine aspect of the Temple of Pelor.
  • The Solarium, the greatest of Pelor’s temples, is found in Galefridus, with strong ties to the throne.
  • Most of the power of the Solarium arises from the Order of Solis, which has strong political influence, and access to vast resources.
  • The means of the Order are largely related to maintaining and increasing the Temple's political power in order to control the throne, and the rise of the Lion Kingdom is largely a result of the Order’s machinations.
  • The Order of Solis is not militant in nature; its members consist primarily of philosophers, logicians, and diplomats.
  • The Order is constantly planning for the future, setting in motion plans that may take up to a century to come to fruition.
  • In order to keep the people safe, to keep their spirits high and to keep up their hope of a better future, the Order had employed Heradric Dreth'dor to hunt monsters, to become a hero, a symbol of hope.
  • Monsters that Dreth'dor managed to capture would be subjected to extensive study in order to develop better means of combating their ilk.
  • Although secretive to the outside, the Order was always open and transparent within its own structure; this has changed somewhat since Malvanos became head of the Department of Arcana.