Nimothi Shala

Nimothi Shala








Operative in the Department of Intelligence of the Order of Solis

Nimothi Shala is an operative of the Department of Intelligence, and the right-hand of Baltazar. She is responsible for giving the Acolytes of Solis their missions, and selected them from a pool of some 5000 candidates. Following their successes, she debriefs and rewards them.

Nimothi is an important part of the Pacify the Gaves initiative, though other than her job briefing the Acolytes her exact degree of involvement is unknown.

Physical Appearance


  • Tells underlings to refer to her as "Mistress"
  • Speaks quickly
  • Energetic, expects and congratulates positive attitudes in others
  • Misses Myvanna and her family there, protecting it is one of her motivations for working with the order
  • Refers to Baltazar as "Master" despite his wishes she just call him 'Baltazar'
  • Claims that working with Sir Adgar and the Department of Defence is extremely frustrating, as is working with the quill-pushers from the Department of Arcana
  • Was demoted to operative after a possible altercation involving Sir Adgar regarding the recognition of Sir Thorald
  • Visits the Royal Memorial Cemetery in Lionburh every morning to remind herself of the importance of ushering in the new age of light as per the Order's offical objectives.
  • Is one of few people involved in the master plan to end the Gavric War of Restitution, others include the Acolytes of Solis and the High Council.
  • Rewards success with high praise and failures with scathing disgust, yet inspires incredible loyalty in her underlings and pushes them to work their hardest and develop their skills.