Nasir Walid

Nasir Walid

Race Farraji
Sex Male
Age Mid 20's, deceased
Occupation Palace guard
Location Al'Abzari
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

Encountered by the Disciples when they were investigating the town of Al'Abzari, he provided information about the town and explained that two "white devils" engaged and eliminated 11 palace guards swiftly. He is the sole survivor of a group of 12 palace guards and his parents were also killed by the undead. His only concern at this point is to protect the remaining survivors of the town; any course of action that risks the lives of the survivors is refuted by him.

He wielded a falchion and wore chainmail armor.

He sacrificed himself in lower level of palace to activate an ancient farraji weapon similar to Harun's ceramic jars. The device's detonation leveled almost all buildings in Al'Abzari. The resulting explosion also seems to have killed all remaining infected farraji as no survivors were seen by the party.

He gave his falchion to Zhiroslav as a reminder of the sacrifice of his town in order to stop the progression of the "white devils".

Physical Description

  • Jade green eyes
  • Wavy, dark brown hair
  • Very tall, boyish build
  • Deeply tanned skin