Nalkthic of Morgrak

- Dwarven for Champions of Order
- Nalkthic, the dwarven word for "paladin," translates directly to Honored Champion. However, in this context, the meaning is closer to Champion of Honor, or Champion of Order, as the dwarves use the same word for "honor" and "order." Morgrak is the name of the dwarven kingdom. In human lands, the Nalkthic of Morgrak are colloquially (and somewhat erroneously) called the Champions of Order, although the Paladins of Morgrak would be a more accurate translation.
-The Nalkthic of Morgrak consist of ~100-150 paladins, of which only a couple are not dwarves. The Nalkthic were established over a thousand years ago to defend the Kingdom of Morgrak against raids from mountain giants. Generally, nowadays, people are raised to become one of the Nalkthic, and it stays in the family. So many of the clan names that are presently in Nalkthic have been there for centuries. Initially, those chosen to become Nalkthic were paladins who displayed great courage and honor in upholding the law and defending the dwarven homeland from the threat of chaos.