Race Galefridish
Sex Female
Birthday 3rd ride of Danvandra, Uktar, 987GD
Weight 49 kg
Height 147 cm
Hair color White
Eye color Green
Tattoos Blue moon crescent front right of neck
Purple lily front left side of waist
Languages spoken Common
Location Farraj
Appearances The New Order: Act I

Moon is a human born in the kingdom of Galefridus, but raised in elven lands. Due to her strict and unplayful nature she is usually left out of social gatherings.

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Moon is short and curvy yet her athletic tendencies have toned her muscles. She is light skinned with long white wavy hair ending at her waist in slight curls while two strands of hair ending at her chest frame her face. She has long eyelashes and narrow green eyes which seem to pierce through anything she stares at. Both her ears are adorned with various piercings which are silver in color. She has a tattoo of a blue moon crescent on the front right side of her neck and a purple lily on the front left side of her waist.

Moon's fashion style is very Elven and while some pieces aren't typical to what an Elf would wear, it has been made to have an Elven flair. Her professional attire consists of a long white trimmed black overcoat ending above her ankles and a slit running along each side ending at her hips and a popped collar. She leaves her coat unbuttoned and underneath her coat she dons a black studded leather armor ensemble with her chest piece revealing her cleavage and lower waist. Weapons consist of 2 rapiers one strapped on each hip, 2 short swords strapped behind her hips with the hilts extending from the slits of her coat on each side, a dagger strapped to each thigh and 6 more daggers made smaller for throwing strapped to shoulder, 3 on each, hidden by her coat.

Her civil clothes are still Elven is style but having a much more lively appeal. She wears bright colors some of her favorites include various shades of green, pink, blue and yellow. Her civil clothes are revealing usually leaving her arms and upper chest exposed sometimes even her waist depending on the outfit. She prefers to have ankle length dresses or skirts some of which have slits exposing her leg.


Abandoned when born in Galefridus she was found by a Elven traveling merchant couple during The Feast of the Moon Festival. They decided to give up traveling and go back to Everwood, open a bookstore and raise her as their own. As a child she witnessed the murder of adopted parents and was put in an orphanage. No one wanted a human so she ended up staying for quite some time until leaving on her own.