The Rainman (Monster)

First encounter: Brushmoor
Physical Description: Took the form of a human, then transformed into a mass of locusts.

Special properties

  • Was able to convince a group of doubters of his existence by talking to them.
  • Was able to take on a human guise.
  • The Rainman is actually a cloud of locusts, that is able to possess and take on the appearance of people that it consumes.

Combative properties

  • Attacks using the locusts that it is composed of. The locusts consume the flesh of the victim. This can be used as a melee range attack, but the locusts can transfer themselves to another host, consuming them in mere moments.

Strengths (advantages):

  • The Rainman can take on the appearance of a host that it has consumed, disguising itself as just another human (or possibly elf, dwarf, etc.)

Weaknesses (disadvantages):

  • The Rainman was not immune to being incinerated inside a burning tavern.