Mages is a general term that encompasses all people who practice arcane magic. It does not include those who use prayer and divine powers.
Mystic is a similar word used in Farraj to represent magic users.
Mages are frequently feared by the common folk, due to their uncommon but overwhelming powers.

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Sorcerers are people who have a natural talent for magic. They are able to cast spells without intensive study, as wizards do, or pacts with otherworldly powers, as warlocks do. Their power frequently comes from some ancient draconic heritage, as is the case with dragon magic sorcerers, or from the chaotic elemental planes, as in the case of wild magic sorcerers.


Warlocks derive their arcane power from pacts formed with primeval entities, generally fey spirits or devils, leading to the two more common types of warlocks, the infernal pact warlock, and the fey pact warlock. Through deals struck with these entities, warlocks are capable of harnessing arcane powers.
Warlocks are most common in the Kingdom of Farraj but they are the most feared of all the mages, especially in the other kingdoms where they are perceived as dealing with evil forces.
There are a collection of Warlock Circles throughout The Kingdoms that teach and train higher levels of warlock aptitude.
Female Warlocks are colloquially referred to as 'Witches.'


Wizards derive their mastery of magic from long years of studying the rules and rituals of the craft. Some wizards focus on controlling the battlefield with their magic, while others focus on the purely destructive powers available to them.
Throughout The Kingdoms there are a variety of Wizard Circles dedicated to furthering the arts of wizardry.