Location Kain, Gavriel
Population 2,500
Inhabitants Boric
Sessilia the Kindhearted
Points of Interest Volchok Keep
Dedenia's farm
Sessilia's orphanage
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

Lyndrich is a town in the Barony of Kain, within the Kingdom of Gavriel.


Lyndrich is just south of Galefridus, on the northern border of Kain. The settlements of Aron and Marek lie to the southeast, and further east is Abel. On the Galefridish side, Brookborough is the closest settlement. Far to the south lies the abandoned camp and mine of Barural's Delve.

Town Details

The leader of the town is Archon Boric. Sessilia the Kindhearted, the orphanage matriarch was also considered a prominent figure in town, before being executed. Despite the rumors of her crimes, she is still respected and a statue was erected in her honor.

The town guard uses Volchok Keep as a barracks. There is a statue of a nondescript Gavric soldier in town. A caption reads: The true hero of Gavriel.

Further up in the mountains lies an orphanage, where notable characters Borys and Zhiroslav were raised. On the outskirts of town lies a farm where Dedenia and her son, Borys, live.

There is a local holiday, The Day of Might, in Lyndrich and surrounding settlements, on the 14th of Eleint. During the day, everyone goes without food and water to prove how tough they are, in Kord's honour.