Location Galefridus
Population 50,000
Inhabitants TBV
Points of Interest The Castle of the Lion
The Royal Cemetery
The Solarium
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

The capital of Galefridus, Lionburh is a huge, sprawling city set deep within the Valley of the Lion and is known best as the birthplace of the hero, King Rocelin.


Lionburh is found within the Valley of the Lion, south of Grandberry, north of Everwood, and east of Millburg, within the Kingdom of Galefridus.

Town Details

Lionburh has grown beyond the gated stone walls that once surrounded the city. The walls have been partially destroyed from a siege long ago, and although the debris has been cleared, the walls were not rebuilt. The population density is very high, with the population of roughly 50,000 living in only 2,000 or so buildings. A sewer system keeps the city exceptionally sanitary, elaborate lion fountains are found throughout, and there are expansive markets. Scholars lecture crowds in crowded streets, many of which are filled with stray dogs. Most houses have small backyards, and there are a half-dozen castles of various sizes, and over a dozen keeps. The most impressive however is the Castle of the Lion, the King's castle. The Solarium, a giant gold-domed temple to Pelor is another impressive structure. The majority of Lionburh's inhabitants are involved in pottery, though there are some 500 full-time guards. In times of need, a militia of over 2,000 can be raised.