Lion Kingdom of Galefridus

Map of Kingdom of Galefridus

Note: This article deals with the Realm of Galefridus specifically, as well as the entire kingdom in general. For more information on the other three realms, check out their pages below.

The Lion Kingdom of Galefridus is a proud, growing nation, whose modern ideas attract great thinkers worldwide. It is a rising human power, and given another century or so, the nation most likely to develop into a new empire.


The Lion Kingdom of Galefridus is a collection of four realms: The Lion Kingdom of Galefridus, the Main Duchy of Folkhard, the New Duchy of Alysandir and the Grand Duchy of Dofngarth.

Neighbouring Realms

Galefridus is the capitol realm, and is bordered to the south by The Fierce Barony of Kain, of the Kingdom of Gavriel. To the west lies the Grand Duchy of Dofngarth, and to the east lies the Emerald Forest, the Elven Kingdom of Myvanna. Further north and east lies the Eternal Kingdom of Matrona.

Notable Areas


Major Towns and Cities

Physical Characteristics

The Galefridish people (Galefrides, or "Gales," colloquially) tend to be fair-skinned, with light-colored hair and eyes. In addition to this common trait throughout the kingdom, the Folkhardish people (Folkhards, or "Folks," colloquially) are of above average height; the Alysandrish people (Alysandires, or "Ales," colloquially) tend to have curly, auburn hair; the Dofngarthish people (Dofngarths, or "Dofs," colloquially) tend to have blond hair and blue eyes.


The Galefridish people speak the common tongue, as well as their own dialect of the common tongue, known as the galefridish 'language'.


The Galefridish people have a general dislike of the Gavric people, in part due to the long history of conflict between the two kingdoms.



Like most of the kingdoms, all the non-evil deities are worshiped in Galefridus, however they tend to worship Pelor in particular, and Erathis is another favourite.


The following are aspects of Galefridish architecture:

  • Rectangular doorways and windows
  • Slanted, composite roofs
  • Buildings are generally as tall as the greater of their width or length


Crime Severity
Murder 11
Arson 10
Robbery 10
Manslaughter 10
Burglary 9
Kidnapping 9
Rape 9
Vandalism 8
Theft/larceny 8
Treason/sedition 7
Spying 7
Embezzlement 7
Extortion 7
Worship of evil deities 7
Poison Cultivation/Manufacturing 7
Fraud 6
Poison Distribution/Trafficking 6
Money Laundering 6
Poison Possession 5
Assaulting a guard/soldier 5
Forgery 5
Perjury 5
Tax evasion 4
Assault/Battery 4
Prostitution 4
Using unauthorized teleportation 4
Bribing the government 3
Wielding an unauthorized weapon 3
Using an unauthorized breath weapon 3
Speaking, reading, or writing Abyssal 3
Disorderly conduct 2
Wearing royal blue if not nobility 2
Blaspheming Pelor or his followers 2
Using the word "lion" without respect 2
Punishment Severity
Execution of Criminal, their Family, Associates, Friends 13
Execution of Criminal and their Family 12
Execution of Criminal 11
Massive Deformation (Leg, Arm, Tongue, Eyes removed) 10
Major Deformation (Hand, Foot, Sex organs, Single eye removed) 9
Minor Deformation (finger, teeth removed) 8
Extended Imprisonment (Tens of Years) 7
Imprisonment (Several Years) 6
Short Imprisonment (Number of Months) 5
Significant Fine (360gp - 3600gp) 4
Fine (36gp - 324gp) 3
Minor Fine (3gp - 33gp) 2
Crime Overlooked/Warning issued 1

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