First encounter: On a mission to investigate the disappearance of merchant caravans.
Physical Description: Reptilian/Insectoid. Observed in four different sizes, including a larval form. The larva hatch from eggs.
Special properties: Able to burrow. Nests/Hives located underground. Able to crawl along the ceiling of tunnels. The hatchery was built in a large cavern with an acid spraying geyser. Many eggs were found within the hatchery. The Kruthik are naturally immune to acid.
Combative properties: Use numerical superiority to overwhelm and devour prey. Very methodical, clear area of prey before expanding territory.

Strengths (advantages):

  • Small and Medium sized Kruthik have a gnashing attack. Each Kruthik nearby deals irresistible, constant damage over time. [2 damage per adjacent Kruthik as you end the round]
  • The Large Kruthik was capable of spraying a cone of acid, dealing damage with ongoing damage. The range of this cone was perhaps 30 feet. This Kruthik was also observed burrowing through a wall at the speed a man can walk.

Weaknesses (disadvantages):

  • In general, the Kruthik will not go near area where many of them have been slain. Possible to keep them away by killing sufficient number of kruthik.
  • Large Kruthik: This is most likely the queen that gave birth to the eggs; it exhibited a strong reaction to the destruction of its eggs.

Other Informations:

  • Communicate through hisses and chittering.
  • Were previously controlled by the Tiefling empire.
  • Method of control lost during fall of said kingdom.
  • Eggs were delicate enough to be easily destroyed.
  • Larval form was observed tunneling rapidly through the cavern walls, though the rock in that area may have been softened from acid blasts. Larval form was observed to be fleeing before the collapse of the cavern, suggesting some level of intelligence.
  • A small sized form was observed. These appear to mainly use melee attacks.
  • A normal sized form was observed. These use melee attacks but also have ranged attacks in the form of a spat out projectile.
  • One instance of a large sized form was observed (10 feet x 10feet), residing within the hatchery. The tunnel that lead out was 5 feet wide - half its width.
  • Within the chamber was much gold and treasures, captured from the merchant caravans.

Baseless Speculation:

  • Are the Kruthik naturally immune to acid by design, or by some sort of evolution, or magical 'adaptation' ability? Consider that the hatchery was built on top of an acid spraying geyser - this suggests the first or the last.
  • Why were the Kruthik collecting gold? Either they retain their 'objectives' from back when they were controlled by tieflings, or someone has discovered the methods to command them and is using them to accumulate wealth.