Kragg Throtekrusher

"Kragg Throtekrusher"

Race Half-orc
GEnder Male
Weight 300 lbs
Height 7' 8"
Hair color None (bald)
Eye color Green with flecks of amber
Languages Common, Orcish
Location The Shipyard
Appearances The New Order: Act I


Kragg is a half-orc barbarian. Hiding behind a brutish nature lies a wise warrior ready to surprise anyone foolish enough to underestimate him.

Score Modifier
Strength 16 +3
Dexterity 13 +1
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 8 -1


Kragg was born in savage lands to a settled tribe that lived on a Plateau. He lived there for most of his life with his 16 children and girlfriend. Kragg never attained much distinction while at living at home, mostly being a middling warrior

Notable Relationships


Kragg's mother was the tribe's chief. She was killed by Lortar.


Kragg's uncle who was exiled from the tribe.
Lortar also kidnapped Hope and tried to use her to complete the Black Blood Ritual. The uncompleted ritual gave Lortar enough power to unite all the warring orc tribes but the Throtekrushers. Kragg managed to interrupt the ritual and save Hope.
Lortar achieved vengeance by destroying the Throtekrusher tribe and beheading Kragg's mother.


A tiefling hired by Kragg to be an archaeologist. Kragg also asked her to keep an eye out for his family while on her travels. This led to her being kidnapped by Lortar although Kragg successfully freed her.
She is also the key to Kragg completing the Black Blood Ritual for himself.

Notable Items

Stone of Ioun (Constitution)

A pink stone that flies around Kragg's head and gives him +2 constitution

Alchemist Jug

A just with several color spouts with corks. Each day, a spout can be opened a deterministic substance can be poured out.


A +3 trident.

Life Events


Kragg was out hunting and was ambushed by human explorers. They successfully subdued Kragg and put him in a cage on a ship before sailing home to Farraj.

Meeting the Group

The Group stole the ship holding Kragg and threatened to kill him if he didn't help them. Luckily for them, Kragg wanted to go in their direction so he complied.


Kragg found some Farraji clothes to fully cover himself before exiting the ship into Al'Rasibi. He helped the party infiltrate the dungeon housed in the vizier's castle.

Upon entering the dungeon, Kragg performed an act of mercy on the prisoners and freed them from their torment before continuing to explore the dungeon with the group. The party encountered spiders, scarabs, water snakes and a mummy before entering a big room with a pool of water. Inside the room, the Group encountered a quetzalcoatl guarding a smaller room.

The party fought the quetzacoatl although that consisted mostly of Kragg being dragged into the air. The party overcame the quetzacoatl although Kragg nearly drowned when he was dropped into the pool. Afterwards, the party opened the smaller room to find a scene of several Den Nosferatu trapped in time. Ania stepped into the room unleashing the Den Nosferatu forcing the party to run away.

While escaping to the ship, the party killed the original captain of the ship who had originally tried to reclaim his ship but was now also running from the Den Nosferatu.

Returning to the shipyard, the party was unable to find the object baltazar desired leaving him unsatisfied.


The party was tasked with defending Al'Akademia from a party of marauding savages. After reaching the city, the party met Mahbad, the head of the city, in a large tower in the center of the city. The party used magical skifts to cross the moat surrounding the tower. The large tower contained a magical rift that required multiple wizards to stabilize it. The party eventually defended the south side of the city from an attack before returned to the tower. Mahbad instructed them to take a special bomb to the savages home to end the threat once and for all. Mahbad gave the party potions that would let them breathe underwater as the bomb needed to be planted underwater.

The party scouted the savages homes but found no warriors. They returned to the tower seeing that there was no threat. Mahbad was not happy and told them to set the bomb off anyways. He explained that the world needed to be cleaned of non-magical people. Kest left with the bomb while the rest of the party lagged behind but eventually acquiesced to Mahbad's command. Kragg was the sole exception and he attacked Mahbad but not before Wranbalar cursed him him.

Kragg and Mahbad ended up dueling while flying about the top of the tower with Silvos supporting Mahbad. In an attempt to kill Kragg, Mahbad cast a poison cloud but the cloud sank and disrupted the mages stabilizing the rift. Once Kragg realized the rift was unstable, he exited the tower and and tried to jump upon a skift piloted by Mahbad but missed. Silvos followed behind quickly and they both started swimming to the other side of that moat. Kragg was quickly picked up by Row Echelon piloting another skift but they didn't wait forSilvos.

Just before the rift exploded, Kragg dove beneath the water's surface and used the potion of water breathing to survive. After swimming to shore, the party made their way to the city's wall and discovered everyone else in the city was frozen. Upon reaching the doors, the party discovered that the rift had powered everything in the city. The party scaled the wall and sailed back to the Shipyard.


Following two failures, Baltazar gave the party an ultimatum. Succeed in the mission or don't come back. He tasked the party with stealing a trident, Nor'ak Nor from the Elven-Dwarven alliance. The trident was held at a memorial site marking the kingdom's slaying of a dragon.

The party traveled to the kingdom of Myvanna and met their spy in a restaurant. The spy told them the location of the memorial. As the party approached the memorial but were warned off by an elven ranger. Trying again later, the party managed to reach the memorial and find the trident. Wranbalar fell onto a trap while removing the trident. After leaving the memorial, the party was ambushed by three elven rangers. Kragg focussed on one of the female rangers, Kest and Silef-westman focused on the other female ranger and the rest of the party tried to handle Sharp. Eventually Kragg managed to kill his foe while Kest and Silef-westman subdued Sharp. The other female ranger managed to knock out the rest of the party except Ania and threatened to kill them.

In an attempt to save everyone, Anya ressurected Kragg's kill which infuriated him. It worked however and the two sides calmed down enough to talk things out. Kragg eventually smashed the trident over his knee showing that the trident at the memorial was a fake. This demoralized the rangers who suggested the Queen has the real trident.

The party snuck into the city of Myvanna and were spotted by the Queen, who invited them to a dinner at her castle. After the dinner, the party sneaked into the Queen's bedroom and found the trident. They quickly escaped without issue and took a small riverboat out of the kingdom.


While Hope was seaching for Kragg's family, she encountered Lortar who kidnapped her. Her two assistants, Aharon Machir and Yosef Machir alerted the party to her kidnapping. The party decided to rescue Hope and left without telling Baltazar.

After purchasing some horses and travelling for a couple of weeks, the kidnapping site was found. The party tracked Lortar's movements and encountered two groups of orcs along the way. The orcs were interrogated and they gave up Lortar's plan for the Black Blood Ritual and his camp's location. Under pressure to rescue Hope before the ritual could be completed, the party tried to sneak into the camp but ended up killing the skeleton guard force. One of the guards was interrogated and he revealed that Lortar was headed to Kragg's home to kill his family and he had Hope. The party quickly searched the camp for anything useful and found a bonfire that whispered to them in their minds and a pedestal full of Hope's blood.

Rushing once more, the party managed to get to Kragg's home with minor resistance but upon reaching Kragg's village found nothing but death. One of Kragg's sons was dead inside his home. Heading towards the town center, the party encountered Lortar, Hope and two red orcs. Lortar revealed that he had killed Kragg's mother and that he was going to complete the ritual.

The party engaged Lortar in battle although Kragg was swiftly mind controlled into attacking the party. Steve killed Hope by freezing her, to stop the Black Blood Ritual, and Hope's wrists and feet snapped off in the process. [[[Lortar]] flew down puzzled and revived Hope using the Black blood potion. The party managed to chase Lortar off before he could grab Hope and managed to escape the plateau.

After bringing Hope back to The Shipyard, the party met with Baltazar who was unhappy the party went off without permission.


Baltazar introduced the newest member of the party , Moon, and sends the party to Alzeiza to assassinate the Magistrate, Vice Magistrate and Defense Minister of the city. The government and Church of the Raven Queen were at odds and the Mors Mortalis had inadvertently threatened the Magistrate.

While travelling to Alzeiza, Malvanos appears before the party and asks them what they are doing. Kest volunteers the information and Malvanos leaves saying he will be in touch. After arriving at the city, the original group heads towards an inn in the less reputable part of the city while Moon heads to a higher end inn. While the original party is eating, an Iron Vanguard named Godfrey introduces himself as an old acquaintance of Kest. Their local spy, Abundantia di Contegiana, shoos Godfrey away converses with the party . The party gives her information to collect.

Over the next few days, the party collects information on how to infiltrate the castle and kill all three targets. Kragg and Kest also entered into a local strongman competition and placed first and second respectively. The group eventually determined that the probably location of each target, a secret path into the castle using a forgotten sewer passage and a plan of attack. Moon has gotten a job in the castle as a cook.

Group Target Location Assassination Plan
A Magistrate Isolated in his room, that had panic doors that would take 5 minute to close Kragg would climb up the walls using the potion of climbing and Row Echelon and Kest would fly up to the magistrate's room.
B Vice Magistrate Binge ate at an inn every few days during the night Row Echelon would become invisible and poison the food before leaving. Ania and Salim would monitor the Vice Magistrate and ensure he died.
C Defense Minister Stays isolated in his tower within the castle walls Moon, Silvos and Wranbalar would sneak into the tower and assassinate the minister.

Kragg, Silvos and Wranbalar barely manage to sneak into the courtyard via the sewers. They have to play the role of drunkards to avoid arousing the suspicion of the guards.

The Magistrate and Vice Magistrate were killed according to plan but the Defense Minister managed to survive his initial attack. Kest flew towards the tower to check on group C but encountered a group of Wights and an undead Mahbad. Mahbad dispelled Kest's flying spell which sent Kest plummeting to the ground. Kragg and Row Echelon flew down to stabilize Kest and then flew back up to the tower to kill the Defense Minister. They encountered Silvos and they successfully tricked the Defense Minister into opening the tower door. All three members attacked the Defense Minister and managed to kill him but in the chaos forgot to shut the door. The group shuts the door as they notice Godfrey running up to them. At the same time, Moon runs down the stair case, very bloody and updates the group on what happened. The group runs up into the upper tower room and dispatch the rest of the Wights while Moon attempts to delay Godfrey.

Moon eventually lets Godfrey inside and he witness the group fighting the Wights. Godfrey arrests Kragg, Silvos and Row Echelon and tells them to drop their weapons. He also repeatedly tells Moon to go get help. Before leaving the room with Godfrey, Kragg discovers Wranbalar's body and takes it with him.

Moon however has not left for help. Instead she coated the staircase in oil and causes Row Echelon to fall down the stair and take Kragg with him. This causes Row Echelon to lose concentration and drop Nor'ak Nor, who was being carried via mage hand.

While leading the group across the bridge, Wranbalar erupts into flames causing Kragg to drop him. Kragg offers Wranbalar a hand to get up and feels unease while touching him. Godfrey orders them to go prone and walks towards the castle to yell for help. Everyone also witness Moon climb down the tower's side and Nor'ak Nor balanced on the side of the bridge. While Godfrey is distracted, the group jumps, grabs Nor'ak Nor and locks themselves in the tower.

The group searches the bottom floor for a secret passage before going back up to the upper room and discovering the secret switches to activate the metal doors that locked Moon and Wranbalar in the room with the Wights. Fashioning a rope from the curtains, Kragg holds the rope steady while Silvos and Wranbalar climb down. Wranbalar gets stuck in the rope and Silvos ends up falling down and knocking himself out. Kragg hauls the rope up and creates loop on the end for Wranbalar to sit in. Kragg quickly lowers Wranbalar who stabilizes Silvos. Kragg then lowers Row Echelon before climbing down himself. Due to Kragg's weight, the rope ends up becoming free from the window and Kragg falls several feet but takes very little damage.

The group now consists of Kragg, Silvos, Row Echelon, Wranbalar and Kest. The group sneaks out through the sewers and encounter Moon. They make their way away from the city and wait for Ania.