First encounter: Woodbury
Physical Description: Black, difficult to distinguish due to melding into shadows.

Special properties

  • Emit a loud howl at all time. Howl is similar to that of extremely loud and violent winds however, no physical manifestation of blowing wind is felt.
  • Are attracted to light of either natural (fire) or magical (sunrod) source. Light sources are dimmed by a Howler's approach, preventing the Howler's to be fully illuminated.
  • Have some form of vision in darkness.

Combative properties

  • Appear to rely primarily on physical strikes with arms. Usually accompanied with a loud and directed howl at its target.
  • Also tend to grab/immobilize their targets and dragging them off.
  • Observed to attack in groups.

Strengths (advantages):

  • Ability to extinguish light gives Howlers a substantial advantage in night-time combat. Recommend to have at least two separate (preferably mobile) light sources at different positions in order to keep them visible.
  • The intense howling sound can significantly prevent communications in close proximity to the Howlers. Preset hand signals (or other body language) should be considered prior to engaging.
  • Are intelligent. Showed use of flanking when possible.
  • Are able to distinguish weak points in humanoid physiology, therefore allowing more precise and painful strikes when taking up superior melee combat positions (flanking).

Weaknesses (disadvantages):

  • The howling sound covers a large distance, therefore early warning is available.
  • Attraction to light allows hunting parties to entrap the Howlers prior to engaging them.
  • Recommend to use long-ranged weapons on Howlers as they seem to move relatively slowly.

Other Informations:

  • Approach from the East of Woodbury.