Race Tiefling
Gender Female
Age ~18
Weight ~105 lbs
Height 5' 2"
Hair color Dark red
Eye color White orbs
Languages Common
Occupation Archaeologist
Location The Shipyard
Appearances The New Order: Act I


Hope is a female tiefling that was hired by Kragg Throtekrusher to act as an archaeologist and find items of interest. She currently resides in The Shipyard.

She originally had a bubbly personality although she is now more subdued after being kidnapped by Lortar.

Life Events

Street Urchin

Not much is known about Hope's background, but she was raised by her biological grandfather and non-biological grandmother because her father was hardly ever around. Once her grandfather died, she ran away from her home in Galefridus and eventually traveled across the world to Farraj. During this time, she was homeless and poor, and briefly fell in with a gang before fleeing from them as well. She eventually found someone willing to hire a tiefling, and worked for him as a peasant until she was recruited by Kragg.


Hired by Kragg Throtekrusher, she was tasked with finding items with interesting effects and the location of his family. She eventually ran into some orcs on her travels which led to her being kidnapped.


While searching for Krag Throtekrusher's family, she encountered an orc named Lortar who kidnapped her. Hope's blood was drained in a through the Black Blood ritual to create the Black Blood potion. The blood letting was very difficult and caused Hope to slowly fade away although she managed to communicate with Ania through sending.

The group set off and confronted Lortar about Hope. Steve Burntleaf believing Lortar was going to complete the ritual, froze Hope which caused her to fall and break off her hands and feet. Lortar flew down and resurrected Hope with a Black Blood potion
but was unable to fly off with her. The group escorted Hope back to The Shipyard.


After arriving back at The Shipyard, Richard Galefridus the Third made crude prosthetics to replace her hands and feet. The group and Hope embarked on a journey to Alzeiza to visit the church of the Raven Queen. While there, the church successfully restored Hope's hands and feet. She left the group to return back to The Shipyard alone.

Notable items: