To understand history, one must understand the system of time in which the records are kept. For that reason, please be sure to understand the Galefridish Calendar


For more information on the events listed in the timeline, please check out their individual pages.

Pre-Campaign History (Up to 953 GD)

Date Event
0 Fall of the Empire of Bael Turath
752 Fall of the Empire of Nerath
792 Formation of the Kingdom of Farraj
802 Formation of the Kingdom of Matrona
834 Birth of Keribareth
895 Galefridish Conquest
907 Birth of Corryl
932 Birth of Borys
932 Birth of Zhiroslav
933 Birth of Skamos
934 Birth of Melocal
951 Gavric Earthquake

Act 1 (953-956)

Date Event
955 The Gavric War of Restitution begins

Act 2 (956-present)

Date Event