Heradric Dreth'dor

Heradric Dreth'dor is a legendary hero, credited with all manner of incredible exploits, namely in the realm of monster-hunting, and consequentially protecting innocent folk from the ravages of vile monsters. The first recorded tale of Heradric Dreth'dor dates from 736 GD, during the time of the Empire of Nerath. Far more recently, new tales of him are still cropping up from time to time, though by and large the stories are being told less and less frequently.

The Disciples of Dreth'dor are so-called to help keep the legends, and the hope that goes with them, alive.

Historically, Heradric Dreth'dor is strongly tied to das Vampyr and Vespyr von Drugoth. Vespyr von Drugoth made a pact with the lord of the eight hell of Baator, Mephistopheles, to grant him eternal life. He was turned into the first vampire, and Heradric Dreth'dor frequently battled him and killed him numerous times. Through his deal with Mephistopheles, von Drugoth returned each time, and each time he no longer had the weakness (such as a stake to the heart) that had killed him. As he become increasingly immune to vampiric vulnerabilities, Heradric himself made a pact with Mephistopheles to keep the vampire progenitor trapped in Baator. The price for his deal though turned Heradric into Mephistopheles' personal servant, staying with him in the eighth hell.