Golden Kingdom of Farraj

The Golden Kingdom of Farraj is the most secluded human kingdom, rarely interacting with the other three, keeping its secrets and mysteries within its territories. Its culture, language, and architecture are the most distinct, bearing little resemblance to the other three kingdoms.


The Golden Kingdom is found to the north-east of Eth'Ruvanna, the Eladrin kingdom. Much of the kingdom is a desert or wasteland, consequently only 1/7th of the land is suitable for agriculture.

The Golden Kingdom of Farraj is a collection of four realms: The Golden Kingdom of Farraj, The Holy Caliphate of Jakab, The Misty Caliphate of Tamar and The Jade Caliphate of Bihar.

Neighbouring Realms

Farraj is the capitol realm.

Notable Areas


The total population of all of Farraj is approximately 4 million.

Major Towns and Cities

There are almost 50 towns in Farraj, containing about 1/20 of the national population.

Physical Characteristics

The Farraji people (Farrajis) tend to have dark, curly hair and dark skin. In addition to these common traits throughout the kingdom, the Jakabi people (Jakabis) tend to be tall; the Tamari people (Tamaris) tend to be more olive-skinned; the Bihari people (Biharis) tend to have straight hair.



The Farraji people, more so than those in any other human kingdom, are the most xenophobic, being unreasonably fearful of foreigners from outside the Kingdom.



Ioun is the goddess most revered among the Farraji people, partially because of her association to knowledge and study.


Houses in Farraj are so densely packed side-by-side and even one atop another that it's hard to tell where one ends and another begins, or if the whole mess has just been turned into one building. The following are aspects of Farraji architecture:

  • Doors and windows topped with horseshoe arches
  • Flat rooftops topped with onion domes


Other Notes

Mystics in Farraj tend to wear capes and carry staffs.

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