The world remains largely unexplored and unknown, but the centre of relevant events would be the kingdoms. Other areas of interest include the underdark, the others planes, and the lands beyond civilization's borders.
Note: generally referring to "civilized lands" or "civilization" is equivalent to saying "the kingdoms" or "within the kingdoms." Everything not part of the Kingdoms is outside of civilization or civilized lands.

The Kingdoms

The Kingdoms refers to the civilized lands, including the four human kingdoms as well as the dwarven, elven and eladrin kingdoms. For a list of settlements within the Kingdoms please see the Kingdoms Settlements List. There are numerous landmarks, including rivers, mountain ranges and strange constructions found throughout the kingdoms.


The kingdoms seem to be located in what would be the southern hemisphere of an Earth-like planet, due to the southernmost kingdoms being colder, the central kingdoms being more temperate, and the northernmost kingdoms being subtropical or desert-like. As much of the world is unknown in terms of geology and astrophysics, this is impossible to verify.


Map of the Kingdoms

The Fortress of the Brave, the Dwarven Kingdom of Morgrak, is the southernmost kingdom.

The White Kingdom of Gavriel is north of the Kingdom of Morgrak.

The Lion Kingdom of Galefridus is to the north of the Kingdom of Gavriel.

The Emerald Forest, the Elven Kingdom of Myvanna is to the east of the Kingdom of Galefridus, and north-east of the Kingdom of Gavriel.

The Eternal Kingdom of Matrona is to the north of the Kingdom of Myvanna, and north-east of the Kingdom of Galefridus.

The Eternal Forest of Dreams, the Eladrin Kingdom of Eth'Ruvanna is to the east of the Kingdom of Matrona, and north-east of the Kingdom of Myvanna.

The Golden Kingdom of Farraj is to the north-east of the Kingdom of Eth'Ruvanna.

To the East of the Kingdom of Gavriel, in the uncivilized lands, there are hordes of barbarian peoples.

The Underdark

The Underdark is a series of interconnected caverns and tunnels that runs underneath most of the world and reaches unfathomable depths. Many connections to the surface world are through mines or caves, but they are rarely, if at all, mapped out and noted. One such connection is an abandoned mine near the city of Grantcaster in the Duchy of Dofngarth.

Outside The Kingdoms (Beyond the borders of Civilization)

Very little is known about what lies beyond the kingdoms, but it is known that barbarian hordes live to the east of Kain.

Other Planes