Gavric War Of Restitution

The Gavric War of Restitution is the name given to the war between the Kingdom of Gavriel and the Kingdom of Galefridus.


The King of Gavriel, true to the feelings of his people knew that they wanted to reclaim lands and honour lost to Galefridus during the last war, such as what occurred during the Galefridish Conquest. When the Disciples of Dreth'dor fled the city of Abel in Kain during the quest Devil on the Throne they left behind no explanation, and no baron. With the baron gone, the citizens of Abel decided he had been assassinated by Galefridish killers. The missing Baron's son, newly elevated to his station petitioned the king of Gavriel to begin war in retaliation. Some months later, Ogre's Peak erupted and partially destroyed Abel, as well as blanketing Kain in ash, and leaving the realm in shadow for some time, causing colder temperatures and ruining the year's harvest. The Kainic and Gavric people blamed Galefridish sorcery and before long the army was mobilized.


Notable Figures