• Given by: Lucas Walters
  • Given at: Shrine of Bibel, Brushmoor
  • Priority: High, immediately departed on horseback
  • Information given: Murders have been occurring in a certain settlement. In all cases, the victim has been a female, and the bodies have had their faces sliced off, leaving a grinning, bloody skull. The cause of death is generally a slashed throat. The sliced-off faces have not been found. The local authorities believe a serial killer is responsible – a regular (albeit evil) person. The Order of Solis knows that there is more at work here.
  • Quest Location: Bellrich, Kingdom of Galefridus

People met on site:

Quest information obtained on site (non-action based)

  • Ascertained the identities of all murder victims as well as the date of their murders.
  • During the execution of Chester "Bane" Cox, Zhiroslav spotted Eleanor Stanley smirking in the crowd. After confronting her, the party decided to investigate the mayor's house. There, they discovered the hideout of the serial killer. In the basement, they discover a horrific display of human facemasks hanging from the ceiling as well as the rotting corpses of the mayor and his wife. The party accidently trigger a trap set up by the killer and narrowly manages to survive the onslaught. Nevertheless, their endeavors are rewarded as they discover the truth behind the serial killer's motives through a diary depicting its madness.

Quest Resolution

  • Soon after discovering the killer's hideout, the party faces a new conundrum as two version of Sheriff Darryl "Two-Shot" Stone barge into the house. Following a short standoff, one of the sheriffs escapes the house and into the stormy night. After a prolonged pursuit in the darkness, the party finally catches the killer as she attempts to escape by a raft. A long battle is waged in close quarters aboard the raft only to end with Skamos pushing the creature off the boat and into the rapids.