Euphicur River

Ephicur River

Landmark Type River
Location Disputed territory between Galefridus and Matrona

The Euphicur River is a winding, rushing river found within the disputed lands between the kingdoms of Galefridus and Matrona.


The Euphicur River has carved out Redrock Gorge over the ages, and is flanked by one of the main roads between Galefridus and Matrona. The closest settlements on either side are Lakethorpe and Contegiana respectively. As it travels through the gorge it follows a south-west/north-east heading but curves away to the north on both sides.


While on his way to Galefridus, a Matronian noble was accosted by bandits, and not wishing to face death at their hands, he opted to leap into the rushing waters of the Euphicur River instead. It is said that his body was never found — nor was the wealth of jewelry he wore.