Eternal Kingdom of Matrona

The Eternal Kingdom of Matrona is the oldest human kingdom, whose roots are most closely tied to the last great human empire. This kingdom has stood the test of time, neither waxing nor waning as it has withstood the conflicts of the ages.


The Eternal Kingdom of Matrona is a collection of four realms: The Eternal Kingdom of Matrona, The Raven County of Illegardis, The High County of Ciprianus and The Royal County of Tryphosa.

Neighbouring Realms

Matrona is the capitol realm.

Notable Areas


The Kingdom of Matrona was formed in 802 GD, a mere five months after the fall of the Empire of Nerath.


Major Towns and Cities

There are 32 cities in the kingdom, collectively housing only 1/30th of the national population.

Physical Characteristics

The Matronian people (Matronians) tend to be olive-skinned, with dark-colored hair and eyes. In addition to these common traits throughout the kingdom, the Ciprianian people (Ciprianians, or "Ciprianis," colloquially) tend to be shorter than average, with curly hair; the Tryphosian people (Tryphosians) tend to have wavy or curly hair, and light-colored hair and eyes is not uncommon; the Illegardian people (Illegardians) tend to have straight hair and fair complexions, often with light-colored eyes.





Matronians principally worship the Raven Queen.


Matronian fashion is dramatic, with a tendency towards contrast: predominantly stark black clothing with some scarlet or purple thrown in for contrast. Sometimes pure white is worn instead of black - often an indication of wealth. Jewelry is plentiful, and seems to be mainly silver and iron. Matronian clothing, overall, has an air of high fashion - even common folk seem to be well-dressed.

Other general features:

  • High collars
  • Patterns
  • Belts and buckles
  • Buttons

Men specific:

  • Vests
  • Tricorn hats
  • Tailored cloaks with sleeves, with high-collars instead of a hood - a garment called an overcoat.
  • Sample Matronian male fashion

Women specific:


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